About Us

Used Trucks that Work About Us Page with Maintainer Crane Body.

Dealers Helping Dealers

At Used Trucks That Work [UTTW], we’re a vocational heavy equipment dealer first. We’ve been in this market space for decades, refurbishing used equipment and working with other dealers to provide the conduit for both purchasing and selling of vac trucks, camera trucks, street sweepers, crane trucks, service bodies, refuse equipment, and other quality used environmental equipment.

UTTW understands that dealers need a trusted resource that will help them move used equipment to facilitate the purchase of new products. UTTW provides discrete, behind-the-scenes support to dealers regarding the locating, purchasing and selling of used vocational equipment.

Our lifeblood is the relationship we foster with dealers throughout the country. UTTW does not sell to the general public, nor do we offer new equipment. Our mission is to provide dealers with a resource to help them strengthen the relationships with their end users. Simply put, if a dealer is looking for quality used equipment – UTTW has it on hand or can get it. If a dealer is looking to sell used equipment they took in on a trade, UTTW want it and will pay top dollar for it.

Used Trucks That Work. A Dealer’s Resource for Used Equipment.